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Disk Antivirus Professional

Virus description and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

Disk Antivirus Professional refers to threats without detecting any. It is a fake. However, its detections might appear much more convincing than that by genuine antivirus, for, in order to further scare users, yet to aggravate the removal of Disk Antivirus Professional, its developers make use of aggressive technique that could be defined as show-and-shut dodge.
This dodge consists of a popup, typically an alert at the middle of monitor, saying so-and-so infection has been traced inside so-and-so application so that it fails to run. Example related to the case of malware in question is provided below. Click here to start free scan so that you could remove Disk Antivirus Professional malware among other threats found.
Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: Disk Antivirus Professional, DiskAntivirusProfessional, Disk Antivirus Pro
  • Type: Rogue Security Software
  • Origin: Russian Federation, Ukraine

Signs of Disk Antivirus Professional Infection:

Disk Antivirus Professional keeps your operating system under its control and is not inclined to concealing its identity. The most outrageous of its manifestation is a bundle of its popup and follow-up failure of legit software induced by the counterfeit to prove its fake detection is true and require immediate response.
Such is the situation with fake identification of Trojan.JS.Fraud.ba. This is shown with a popup titled Firewall Alert. It explains that it is your browser that has been infected with the trojan. Indeed, the browser might be blocked when the alert is shown.
The meaning of the trick is detailed in the section above (show-and-shut dodge).
Download Spyware Doctor  to prevent such tricks and other after-effects of malware activities – let free scanner detect the threat and get rid of Disk Antivirus Professional malware along with other parasites reported by the utility suggested.

Disk Antivirus Professional automatical removal:

While fake antimalware refers to threats totally contrived, it is no sign that you ought to ignore that reported by true antivirus. Free scanner below enables victims to remove Disk Antivirus Professional, as well as rid their PC of other (real) infections.

Disk Antivirus Professional Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Disk Antivirus Professional:

Get rid of Disk Antivirus Professional malware manually following the steps below, if you have made up your mind to stick to manual routine in spite of that it does not cover any threats, but the counterfeit in question. Please note you still can use the free scanner to inspect your PC anytime upon completing the manual guide steps.

Remove Disk Antivirus Professional files and dll’s:

%CommonAppData%\<random numbers and chars>\
%CommonAppData%\<random numbers and chars>\<random numbers and chars>
%CommonAppData%\<random numbers and chars>\<random numbers and chars>.exe
%CommonAppData%\<random numbers and chars>\<random numbers and chars>.ico

Unregister Disk Antivirus Professional registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “<random numbers and chars>”

Disk Antivirus Professional removal

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